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If you are looking for a Disability Provider for you or your loved ones, we are here to help. We are a Registered NDIS Provider located in Sydney, New South Wales with a mission to improve the lives of people with disability. We provide a range of Disability Services including Supported Independent Living (SIL), SDA, Assitance with Daily and Personal tasks. 

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living or SIL is a support funded by NDIS under Core Support . This service allows the NDIS participants to live independently while having access to assisted living support. Our qualified support staff can help you whether you require daily assistance or 24/7 support. Supported Independent Living (SIL) is an NDIS support that allows you to live with other people who have disabilities or on your own. You will also be assisted with daily tasks such as cleaning, cooking, and personal care.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) are innovative homes designed for NDIS participants with extreme functional impairment or very high support needs. SDA properties are made for NDIS participants to give them choice and control over their lives and increase the independence to live a fulfilled life. Whether you are looking for a short- term, medium-term or long-term accommodation we can help you.

Assist Life Transition

This service can be useful for people exploring independence and looking at a long term goal of living away from home and still being in a supportive environment. It Includes short and long-term supports that focus on strengthening the participant’s ability to coordinate their supports.


  • Support connection
  • Coordination of supports
  • Assistance with accommodation and tenancy obligations
  • Lfe transition planning including mentoring, peer support and individual skill development
  • assistance with decision making, daily planning, budgeting

Daily Tasks/ Shared Living

Whether you are living in your own home, living in a shared accommodation arrangement or a rental property we can ensure that we’ll assist in providing you with a plan for you to achieve living independently. Some of the services include

  • One-to-one assistance with a carer
  • Assisting with daily tasks for independent living
  • Support for self-care, accommodation and activities within a residency
  • Arrange residency for transitioning to live independently

Household tasks

Some people can find it challenging to engage in daily chores and perform activities in daily life. Simple tasks can become a hassle if the person is living with a disability. We can help people with Household tasks on their NDIS plan. Some of our services include:

  • Vacuuming and mopping floors
  • kitchen cleaning including sinks, taps, benches, microwaves
  • gardening,
  • backyard cleaning,
  • grocery shopping

Respite care

Short Term Accommodation, including respite, is funding for support and accommodation for a short time away from your usual home. Respite care allows for both a person with a disability and their carer to have a break or a change of scenery. It is the alternative care that is put in place while a usual care giver is unavailable.

Respite is available for a short period of time. It is usually available for 14 days at a time.

Home Modification

Home modifications are changes to the structure, layout or fittings of a NDIS participant home so that they can safely access it and move around comfortably in areas they frequently use.

Home modifications may be included in your plan if:

  • due to the impact of your disability, you or your carers cannot reasonably access and use frequently used rooms and spaces in your primary residence;
  • your primary residence has significant and adverse impacts on the sustainability of current living and care arrangements; and
  • a Occupational Therapist has performed an assessment and recommended home modifications

Assist with Personal Activities

The Assistance with personal activities is designed to help NDIS participants with personal tasks to live as independently as possible. This support may be required in different settings whether you are living in your own home or living with a family member. Some of the tasks that we can help with are:

  • Maintaining Personal Hygiene, including showering, bathing, oral hygiene, dressing and grooming;
  • Toileting, bowel management or menstrual care;
  • Eating and Drinking;
  • Moving in and out of bed

Who can take our services?

We provide servives to all participants that are NDIS approved and have NDIS funding in their plan. If you are looking to apply for NDIS we can help you navigate the process. 

0414 101 101

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